A(nother) Look Back

Surprisingly enough I've been "consistently" writing blog posts for two years now. Last year I did a look back so I guess I'll do another one, because I'm unoriginal.

Posts to date (not including this one): 85
So at the beginning of last year I said I wouldn't write once a week but that I also wanted to write more often than once a month. I'm probably going to stick to writing at least once a month.

Shortest Post (not counting Poptart Kid posts): Time Away - January 25th
Longest Post (1153 words): golf - April 21st
Most Effort Post: Music - August 22nd. I decided to make a mix. Spent 10 days putting music together. I might do this again.

I have no stats on most viewed posts because ghost doesn't keep those stats.

Reviews - I "reviewed" three things this year.
A MacBook Pro 13" - June 23rd and July 6th
A Surface Book - November 26th
A Microsoft Band 2 - November 26th

I returned 2 of the items I reviewed. Do whatever you feel like with that information.

Hackathons - Since hackathons is one of the items on my resume under "Interests and Activities" I went to three hackathons this year.
HackBeanpot 2015: Post Mortem - February 10th
HackMIT 2015 - September 20th
YHack 2015 - November 8th
I also wrote about hackathons in general here - September 23rd

I'm going to HackBeanpot next year (in a couple weeks) (hype). But that might be my last hackathon. If I get in I may go to HackMIT next year. But after that I'm pretty much all hacked out (but I do want to volunteer for HackBeanpot 2017).

Poptart Kid - It never became a short film.
Hurricane - October 6th
Showers - October 11th
Clear - October 18th
Rain - October 23rd
Autumn - October 31st

Now that I've been blogging/writing for two years I can look back at the pattern of posts that I've made. A post around Valentine's Day because I'm a hopeless romantic. A post around my birthday, but that might not happen next year because nobody cares about turning 22. Also you start dying by 25. And a post at the end of the year. As is tradition. I'm going to keep doing new things with my blog posts (recorded speaking, music, stories, "interactive"). I've been planning to write a depressing sonnet. I may or may not get around to it.

I also want to say thanks to the people who read my blog and to the crazy people who tell me they enjoy my posts. I still think I'm a terrible writer, a terrible coder, and a terrible person but I am hoping one day I'll be "you know that's actually pretty good" at those things. So here's to you and a new new year.