“Actually my break is now, I’ll come join you.” She ducked under the counter and walked over to a table with him. He put his phone on the table, sat down, and took a sip of his coffee. “How is it?” she asked while sliding into the other chair. “You know; it could be better” he said with a smirk on his face. She playfully punched him in the shoulder. “You’re an ass you know that?” she said smiling back at him. “Maybe I am…” he sighed as he trailed off and looked out the window. Raindrops rolled down the window. “It hasn’t gotten any better?” she said looking worried. “Yeah, I don’t really know what’s going on between us. Something just seems so…different” he said. “Well have you tried talking to her? Telling her how you feel instead of just limping along like this?” He looked back at her, and then down into his coffee. “I probably should…but I don’t think I can make it any better. If we talk…I think it will be the talk.” She chuckled a little. “She’s finally going to teach you about Netflix and chill?” He glared at her. “Ok, ok, I’m sorry.” She looked at her watch, over to the register, and then back at him. “You can’t keep going like this. Maybe you can fix it. Maybe it will be over. But at least you did something. Actually.” She took his phone. “Hey! What are you doing?” He reached for his phone and she pushed his hand away. “This is for your own good” she said as she typed into his phone. She paused for a second, hit send, and then put the phone in the middle of the table. She started scrolling through his messages. He didn’t stop her. “Anything else interesting here?” she said. “No…you’ve basically read all of them. I really should change my password” he mumbled. “And yet you haven’t. Maybe you want me to read them” she said with a smirk. He rolled his eyes as he went to pick up his phone. It vibrated. He picked it up and looked at it. “She said OK.” She stood up. “Well I have to get back to work. You have somewhere to be.” He looked at his coffee. She put her hand on his shoulder. “I know you’re worried but sometimes it’s better to just let go.” He thought for a second and then slowly got up. She took his mug, “I’ll see you soon”, she said and then walked away towards the counter. He picked his phone up off the table and looked at the message again.