Year 7

In my end of year post last year I said this

Who knows what 2019 might bring, what changes might occur, and what  challenges I may face, continuing to get older is not that much fun anymore, it's just a part of life now. But hopefully I can make the best of it.

Well it's 2020 now. The years are whizzing by and all I have is this shitty blog to show for it 🙃.

Last year I joined an amazing community of black developers called /dev/color, got mono and ended up in the hospital, saw a ton of artists perform at Osheaga together with my friends from Boston, and got a job at Microsoft.

I've probably said on the blog before that I don't do new years resolutions, if I want to start doing something I'll just do it. Ironically, however, this blog was started at the beginning of a year. I just wont promise anything for this blog this year, I'll still keep posting but I wont commit to doing a post every week or every month. I'll just commit to doing my best and staying in touch.

Good luck to your 2020, we'll all probably need it.