I started using technology at a young age, it’s been part of my life forever. My dad bought me a C++ programming book when I was 10. (I’m still shit at C++). I started programming in XNA around 14. My high school college essay thing (whatever those are called) was about how much technology has been a part of my life. None of those things really matter. They only brought me to where I am now. Why do I still love technology?

Right now I am working towards a degree in Computer Science. I sometimes ask myself what else I would do if I wasn’t doing this. I honestly don’t know, computer stuff is all I think I’m the best at. I’m probably really bad at everything else. I’m not even that great at computer stuff. I tell myself that and then realize the only way to get better is to keep trying to get better. Yeah I suck now, and yeah I may suck tomorrow, and yeah I may suck a couple years down the line but maybe, one day, I’ll wake up and tell myself that I’m OK at computer stuff, maybe even somewhat better than averagely shitty.

I also love technology (not just because I am getting somewhat slightly better at making technological things) because technology is super cool to me for some reason. Hit buttons on a keyboard which wirelessly transmit to your computer (wireless keyboard, mouse, headset, and I call myself a gamer, what), those signals are then processed to make text appear on your screen (I just jumped like a ton of steps there) and then you click a button and your printer breaks because printers are still not bound by the laws of technology. I get super excited when talking about the latest tech thing (new MacBook motherboard could basically fit in a smartphone and the rest is just batteries, whaaaat) because it’s super interesting to me. Discussing why the Apple Watch will or won’t be the smartwatch to get, wondering if the second generation of smartwatches will be any better. I also probably enjoy talking about it because I dream of maybe one day being able to help create such things.

I think the real reason I love technology and the real reason I still pursue my quest in getting better at is because hopefully I can make at least a small positive meaningful contribution to technology, to computer science, to programming knowledge, or whatever other words I can come up with that relate to whatever I’m doing. I think that is what everybody wants really, just to make an impact, even if it is a little one. For somebody else to recognize and appreciate the fact you spent time and effort working towards something. And even if they forget what you did 5 seconds later, at least for a moment, they stopped and said “Huh, that’s pretty cool”.