Welcome to Summer 2014

It’s the summer again. Time for 4 months of forgetting everything I learned during the school year. Unlike many other Northeastern students I don’t start coop until Spring semester. This means I have 4 months of doing whatever. My current plans include finishing Twixel, finishing my League of Legends Windows 8 app, learning Android development, learning HTML5, CSS, and Javascript, and still enjoy my time off. Hopefully me playing way too much League and watching too much Netflix doesn’t distract me too much.

The weird thing about heading back home after 8 months of school is that for the first couple days you don’t really know what to do. Living with your parents again after 8 months of absolute freedom is a little weird. I can’t just randomly order Chinese food at 3:00 am anymore, or pizza which is even more depressing. The time off from school is a nice change of pace though. It makes going back into another year of school kind of exciting.

I don’t really know what I’m going to write about know on this blog because nothing really exciting is probably going to happen over the next couple weeks. Probably just status updates on programming things I’m doing. Oh and that scoliosis surgery in like 9 days. Hopefully I get to watch the LCS All-Star games while recovering. Anyway here is one last picture of Willis. Also happy I don’t have to hear those stupid volleyballers outside our window anymore.

Willis Hall