Time Away

Coming back after you have been gone for a while is kind of a weird experience. It doesn't have to be a long while either. 6 months, a week. Things have changed while you were gone. You probably try to catch up with the people you haven't seen for that while. You want to know what they've done since you were last there. Technology makes this easier, you can call, text, Facebook message, tweet, Snapchat (damn you), Skype, etc. almost anybody you want. You can always stay in touch, but sometimes you dont. Maybe you're busy or maybe you don't really talk to anybody except when you're in person (and maybe you don't do much of that either) but at the end of day another day has gone by where you are away.

Recently I've noticed that I enjoy the time I spend with people way more than I used to. I don't live on campus anymore but I don't live far away either. I can visit pretty much anytime I want (after work) but I only have so much time to visit. Before I would be perfectly OK with ignoring everybody and playing League but now I really don't have that luxury (mainly because my internet connection is too shitty to play League now). It's just a weird feeling for me to miss people and time away, even if it really is only a couple days, make me appreciate the people I care about a little more. It's only been 3 weeks. I still am getting used to everything. Maybe my thoughts will change 2 months in, 4 months in, but now I may make more of an effort to stay in contact with people. Maybe.

My last post was almost a month ago. I thought about writing a couple times between then and now but I never thought I had anything good to write about. I'm not going to go back to writing every week but I also don't want to write only once a month. A month is a long time. So much can change in a month. Basically I'm a large ball of shitty indecisiveness.