This Is A Blog Post


So this is the blog post for last week. I was conflicted on what I was going to write and didn’t decide on anything so this is the result.

Yesterday I decided I was going to write a blog post relating to gender but I couldn’t be arsed to put in the time or energy to do it, here are the two reddit posts I was going to draw from.

One for guys.

And one for girls.

For guys it seems like the worst of their problems is their junk and for girls the worst of their problems is their junk…typical reddit. Oh wait, and a side of trying to stay safe at night from guys and having to deal with other people looking down on them and finding them incapable of doing things. Apparently trying to ignore people that catcall at you or store you down when you go out is a common occurrence. However I don’t want to say that all girls face these issues because I am not a girl and I feel like reddit isn’t the best place to draw information from.

The reason I wanted to post something about this was because gender relations has been talked about a lot recently. Going back to “gamergate” and the nude photo leak people are seriously taking a look at how women are being treated in gaming culture and in mainstream culture as well. People are also taking a serious look at how to make money off this topic also. It is very easy to write an empty post stating support for “the easy side” of the issue instead of seriously taking a look at why these issues happen. It’s easy to take a large brush and paint one side as “the problem” when everybody has to take fault somewhere. These are the reasons I didn’t write a full post on the topic, this issue is way more complex than people try to make it and I wouldn’t be able to do justice to it.

In other news I cut my finger when cutting a box open. Not fun.