Things I Read On The Internet: Not Having Kids is Irresponsible

Let’s start this post out with I don’t want to have kids. Ever. End of story. Probably nothing will make me change my decision about this. Now I was reading this thread on reddit about opinions that make you an asshole. You have to sort by controversial to get good responses. Anyway here’s this post sequence (I’m typing it out here in case it gets deleted).

Since I know this’ll get buried: I feel that it’s wrong and incredibly selfish to have children. – splien23

How do you propose humanity continues to exist then? – Crowsdower

Have you noticed this stupid fucking attitude in people from the ages of 18-26 lately? All I hear from that age group is how they don’t want kids, and it makes zero fucking sense to me. Oh well, more resources for my kids. – koy5

“All I hear from that age group is how they don’t want kids, and it makes zero fucking sense to me.” What part is confusing? – FreeSoloing

Because it goes against the sheer nature of life. It feels as if people just want to wallow in their own hedonism and never raise and support children. Basically people never wanting to grow up and take responsibility for the life they were given. – koy5

So after I read koy’s last response I went what in my head. It is true that not having kids is against the sheer nature of life. Life in general continues to survive because it keeps reproducing. But not having kids is irresponsible? Wallowing in their own hedonism? Apparently part of growing up is having kids. You can have kids starting between the ages of 9-15 but having kids then (in this day in age) is probably one of the most irresponsible things you can do. But growing up and then choosing not to have kids is irresponsible? Here is my response:

So if you are born into this world the one true responsibility you have to the world is to have children? What? It seems like to you part of “growing up and taking responsibility” is having kids. What about owning a business or helping people less fortunate than you. Studying and progressing the human race. These are all great things but if you don’t have kids that makes you irresponsible?

What about caring for and for providing for your significant other? Being there for somebody else in this world no matter what you two go through is probably one of the most noble things somebody can do. But apparently having kids makes you not responsible…

Anyway the thread is pretty interesting. Enjoy.

Update: I got a response:

Frankly what does any of that shit really mean? Taking care of someone? Building a business? Helping a few people here and there? All of it fails to echo through time like the sheer act of having children does, people die, businesses crumble to the ground, nations fall, but think about your origins. You can trace your roots all the way back to the beginning of life because every single one of your ancestors decided to have children. I was wrong in mentioning responsibility, I apologize. You are not irresponsible, your fucking stupid for not wanting kids while maintaining that you desire to effect the world. Your actions in this brief window of time you have are almost meaningless if you don’t have kids. Kids are the living embodiment of a decision you made, a part of you that can last till the end of the universe with a life of its own. If you don’t care by all means don’t have kids. – koy5

My response:

Your opinion is really interesting. I can see why kids are a lasting mark on Earth. All things do come to an end, even humanity itself will, probably, come to an end. Having a lineage is one way though to continue a lasting mark on Earth. You can still make a lasting mark on Earth by not having kids though. Inventions that have changed the way the world works have lasting marks generation through generation, the elimination of diseases is a big one. The group of people that help eliminate cancer will probably be remembered though the end of humanity.

On the other hand what if you don’t want to have a lasting mark on the world? Helping somebody down on their luck or loving someone and being with them is still a great thing to do. And even if people die and nations fall you still changed somebody’s life for the better. Nobody knows the true meaning of life, there is no real endgoal, everything comes to an end whether it be 50 years from now or millions of years later.

I really find his stance interesting. The one thing I don’t understand is his thought that having kids is the most important you can do in the world (and on Earth).

Also here is a direct link to my comment and the thread path.