The Weekenders

The Weekenders

The weekend. The 2 days I have between Friday and Monday to do whatever. That's probably the best part about the weekend. The fact that (now) I can lie in bed and sleep, watch shows, or pretty much do nothing for 2 days is great. It's like a mini vacation. What is it a vacation from though? I usually enjoy my weeks, yeah there can be classes or work or obligations but generally my week isn't bad. I am always working towards something. Sometimes though my weekends are an escape, a way to forget about real life and its problems. It works, for like a day or two, then I wake up on Monday and have to face real life again.

This Saturday was Valentine's Day, when I woke up I read the Wikipedia article on it. It was pretty interesting. Valentine's Day is celebrated in some way by many people across the world...that is if you have someone romantically significant in your life. Valentine's Day can be difficult otherwise. Maybe the one you care about isn't around, far away from your current location. Maybe they're moved on and you're still clinging onto what once was. Maybe they are gone completely leaving you to ask why. Usually however it's because you're single and then Valentine's Day becomes Singles Awareness Day.

How do you celebrate Singles Awareness Day? Apparently you can go to Brazil and celebrate Carnival because they don't celebrate Valentine's until June. The ultimate getaway and distraction from whatever feelings you are having about Valentine's Day. Leave before your parents start asking you why you're still single and get back in time to celebrate February 29th (having a really big party every 4 years because of how our calendar works sounds like fun). Sometimes though you can't escape whatever problems you have even during your "weekend". Small things that come up and remind you that real life is right around the corner, still waiting for you deal with whatever you tried to leave behind. That's why I try not to completely cut myself off during my weekends. Time off can give you the time to tackle some problems head on.

Things are always changing, some weeks suck and you can't wait until the weekend, some Valentine's Days are spent alone. Hopefully some weeks are awesome and some Valentine's Days are spent with someone you care about. Or maybe you don't give a fuck either way and you spend every weekend curled up in bed watching Netflix and eating strawberries. Millions of strawberries.

I wrote this entire post on a phone. It went OK.