Seattle Mechanical Keyboards Meetup: Winter 2020

Seattle Mechanical Keyboards Meetup: Winter 2020

I bought a mechanical keyboard in early 2016 while I was on my second co-op. I spent one weekend looking up all there was to know about mechanical keyboards, mainly by browsing r/mechanicalkeyboards. I picked out a Ducky One, designed my own keycaps on WASD Keyboards, and purchased everything by Sunday. Later that week I had my keyboard and I never looked at the subreddit again. Until now.

I heard there was a mechanical keyboards meetup, graciously hosted at the Living Computers: Museum + Labs by cKeys. I packed my keyboard into my bike bag, rode over, and took pictures.

There are pictures of the museum after the keyboard pictures!

Museum Pictures

As promised.

A disassembled Amazon Echo
A Kin on the left and a Zune on the right