Rolling At Night

Back when I was in college at Northeastern I would go on late night longboard trips through the Esplanade. Sometimes I would longboard for a bit then sit in the playground, sometimes I would longboard across the Mass Ave bridge to MIT, sometimes I would longboard all the way to the Tasty Burger at Harvard.

Alchemist by Jaume Plensa. There's actually a similar sculpture in Seattle.

It was a way to move while being partially distracted and partially entertained. Moving my legs, keeping my balance, going moderately fast. It was fun. I also enjoyed life in the city, even late at night there was bound to be a few other people out in the Esplanade, typically college kids. People going on a walk, playing in the playground, or just sitting and enjoying the skyline.

It was definitely awful for my sleep schedule but it was a good way for me to de-stress. I think less about my current problems and the world when I'm rolling at night. Today I definitely needed it so I went on a quick bike ride. I started biking in Seattle almost 3 years after moving here. Biking here at night evokes the same feelings as Boston. Being able to go outside and go fast, passing random people on a bike ride or run or enjoying Gas Works Park. Thinking less about the latest death of a young black man or the latest mass shooting (this shooting was reported just before I went out tonight) and thinking more about pedaling hard, the music on my earbuds, and watching trees go by.