Reviewing: Pete Buttigieg




Free College

Public college tuition free for families making less than $100,000 a year and many middle income families with multiple children. Middle income is not defined to a number, multiple children is also not defined to a number. Substantial tuition subsidies for families making less than $100,000 a year. Increase Pell grants by $1,000 to $7,195.

Cancel Student Debt

Individuals on income based student loan repayment plans will automatically have their student loans cancelled after being on the plan for 20 years. Wants to cancel student loans for public servants after 10 years but we already do that. However only 1% of people actually got their student loans cancelled under this program.


Tax the Rich

No mention on his site. The Washington Post reports that he does support it but there are no specifics and no numbers.

Living Wage

Supports $15 an hour.


Does not support single payer, does support a public option called "Medicare for All Who Want it. Here is a white paper about his plan. However it seems like it's Medicare for All Who Want It and Make Less Than X a Year.

Third, middle-income individuals and families who were uninsured because they could not afford coverage will be eligible for subsidized coverage through the marketplace for either private insurance or the public option.

The plan does not mention any other groups past "middle income". This seems to suggest that not everyone would be eligible for the public option.