Reviewing: Michael Bennet




Free College

Supports free community college for all Americans using federal funding. For any households making less than $75,000 a year, increased Pell grants and other aids so students can receive a degree from a 4-year public college without any student debt.

Cancel Student Debt

Cap [federal] student loan payments at 8% of [yearly] income. As an example I currently pay a minimum $4060.08 a year for federal student loans. My cap would be at an annual income of $50,751. Reduce income based student loan payments by 20%. Forgive student loans after 20 years for people who have made all of their student loan payments on time. Forgive up to $40,000 a year in student debt for 4 years of public service or for those who work in high-need professions in underserved communities, $10,000 per year. Allow student debt holders to forgive student debt in bankruptcy.


Tax the Rich

Tax reforms, including reforming the estate tax. A "smart" wealth tax, there's no detail page about this. Does mention making the capitol gains tax the same rate as income taxes. Reverse the Trump tax changes for high-income households, restoring the top rate on ordinary income from 37% to 39.6% for individuals making over $518,400 and joint fillings over $622,050. Add a 44% tax bracket for "very high-income taxpayers", the income level this would be at is not specified.

Living Wage

$15 minimum wage in high-cost cities, no specifics on numbers like cost of living or median apartment price. Exception for rural and lower cost communities where it would harm employment and small businesses, again, no specifics. Would the Walmart or the Amazon fulfillment center in a small town not have to pay the employees there a high wage just because it's in a small town?


Supports a public option, not single payer. He calls his public option plan Medicare-X.