"I really want donuts right now", they said as both of them walked up to his car.

"It's like 8 right now but whatever", he said as he opened the driver side door. They both got in and he turned the key in the ignition.

"Your car better start this time", they said as they put their seatbelt on.

"Don't worry, it's only a 30 minute walk home", he said as the car started up. Within a few minutes they pulled up to the drive through. He put his window down and said "Hello?" into the small metal box next to him on his left. They both heard a click and a hiss of static as the radio turned on. And then turned off again. He tried again "Hel..."

"Hell-oooo", the box replied back.

"Umm, hi, can I have...", he looked over to his right.

"A dozen", they said.

"lol, OK", he chuckled back, "can I have a dozen donuts?", he asked to the voice in the box. The box clicked on again.

"Sure", and then a second later, "We don't have that many though".

"OK", he replied back, "can you tell me what you do have?". The box was silent for a few moments and then clicked on again.


"I guess we have to guess donuts now", they said between laughs.

He thought for a moment and asked, "Do you guys have Boston cream?".

"Yep", the box replied back.

"OK, can I have two Boston cream and...".

"Pumpkin!", they said as they yelled over into the box.

"We only have one pumpkin left" the box replied.

"OK that's fine", he said into the box.

"So one Boston cream and one pumpkin", the box said back.

"I wanted two Boston cream, are there two Boston cream?", he replied back.

"Yeah", said the box.

"So two Boston cream and one pumpkin", he clarified to the box again. The box was silent for a moment again, and then responded,


They then leaned over again and shouted, "Coconut?". He looked over to his right, annoyed, and then said to the box,

"How many do you have?"

"Two", the box said.

"OK, can I have both", he replied. The box clicked on again but was silent. Then it clicked off. Then it clicked on again and said,


He started to laugh now. He leaned over to his right and whispered, "I think he's high too...". They both laughed and then he asked "How many do we have right now?"

"Five, I think", they said. He leaned back over to the box and asked

"Can we have two jelly?"

"Yep", the box said.

"Do you have chocolate frosted?", he asked the box. The box quickly replied back,


"Chocolate glazed?", he asked back.

"Yep", the box answered again.

"Do you have two?", he asked making sure to cover his bases.

"Nope", the box replied back.

"OK, so we'll have one", he said, "and can we have...", he paused for a moment while he tried to come up with donuts.

"Isn't, like, manager's special a thing?", they said to him.

"Sure", he replied. "Do you have a manager's special?" he asked the box.

"Yeah, we have two of those", the box said back.

"OK can we have one of those and can we have...", he said trying to remember the number of donuts, "Do you guys have three glazed", he asked the box. They laughed and said, "Uh-oh, uncharted territory". The box then answered,


"OK, I think that's all of them", he said to the box.

"OK, you can pull up", the box said back. He pulled up to the cashiers window and leaned out to give the cashier his card. "Shit, I'm not close enough", he said under his breath. He quickly unbuckled his seatbelt. His passenger was staring out the window when they heard him unbuckle his seatbelt. They looked to their right and burst out laughing again as they watched him get out of the car. He gave the cashier his card and the cashier gave him the box of donuts. He put the box in the driver's seat. The cashier came back, gave him his card and closed the window. He got back into the car and they couldn't stop laughing.

"What?", he wondered as he put his seatbelt back on. They just showed him the open box. He looked at the donuts. Two Boston cream, two coconut, two jelly, one chocolate glazed, one of the manager's special, one glazed, and three pumpkin.