Internet Service Providers and You

So net neutrality is a big issue currently. Here are two videos on it. We want all internet traffic to be treated the same so we can torrent without any service disruptions or we can watch Netflix without seeing this message. I don’t think ISPs would straight up block content that they don’t agree to or don’t want on their networks but throttling will exist. The faster net neutrality gets passed the faster we can get our torrents downloaded.

The real reason it needs to be passed is that companies like Netflix are the ones hurt more than the ISPs. When people see this message they may blame Verizon but they more likely will blame Netflix. This hurts Netflix and the only way to fix that is to get Verizon or other ISPs to fix their networks…or pay them off so that Netflix content gets to you faster. This isn’t a good trend because if other companies are running into the same issues ISPs will expect them to pay up instead of ISPs fixing their network.

This post really has no point besides to complain because this is probably also happening to League of Legends. East coast people have been complaining for a while about disconnections and packet loss for a while now and I wouldn’t be surprised if its due to ISP routing and not Riot’s servers. I have no problems because…IDK but it seems to be widespread. In Canada I had huge problems with this. I don’t have anything to write about in my real life because I haven’t done anything :D