Internet Service Providers and You: Part 2

So this is an addendum to my last blog post. You will still probably get a blog post for this weekend. I’m sure you have all heard this story. Comcast claims they have the fastest internet. I wanted to check that for myself. I looked up the fastest internet speed packages for major internet providers and then compared them. Here is the list:

Google Fiber
1000 Mbps down
1000 Mbps up

Verizon Fios
500 Mbps down
100 Mbps up

505 Mbps down
100 Mbps up

300 Mbps down
300 Mbps up

Time Warner Cable
100 Mbps down
5 Mbps up

110 Mbps down
15 Mbps up

Some I companies I could not find their upload speeds. Probably because they are really bad. Some I couldn’t not find information online at all. These included, Century Link, Charter, and Cox. Also note that the speeds listed online aren’t available everywhere. For example the AT&T speed is only located in Texas currently. I then compared how much one dollar would get you and what 1 Mbps is worth.

Screenshot (148)

In this graph higher is better

Then for the other graph

Screenshot (149)

Here lower is better. And here the Excel table.

_Down (Mbps)Up (Mbps)$ (month)Mbps/$$/Mbps
Comcast Xfinity5051004001.51250.661157
Time Warner1005651.6153850.619048
Verizon Fios50010030020.5
AT&T Universe300300708.5714290.116667
Google Fiber1000100012016.666670.06
TL;DR Fuck ComcastThe conclusion here is that Comcast is the worst value. The data here should be taken with a grain of salt due to the reasons I listed above (AT&T would be next best value to Google Fiber but the speeds I listed are only located in Texas).