He heard the door open. “Hey, wait”, he said as he turned around and walked towards the door. She stopped and looked at him. “I wanted to ask you something” he said as he walked up next to her. “I wanted to know if…”. She stopped him. “No”, she mumbled. “Wait, let me finish”, he said slightly confused. “No, I know what you are going to say. No. It isn’t worth it” she said sternly. He just looked at her with a blank look on his face. “I’m sorry but no” she said as she turned away from him. “So why did you come up here” he said slightly annoyed. “I don’t know…I thought…” she said as her voice trailed off. “What?” he said. She started to walk downstairs. “Wait, what the fuck?” he yelled down the stairs. He hurried down the stairs to catch up to her. She stopped on the stairs and said, “I need time to think about it, I know what you were going to ask me and I don’t want to lead you on”. He put his hand on her shoulder. “It’s nothing personal, I just…need time to think” she said as she shrugged him off. When she reached the bottom of the stairs she said, “Just…enjoy the party”. She started to walk down the hallway when she stopped and turned around and said, “Give me your number, you might hear from me”. She handed him her phone. “I know this is weird but, yeah…” she said as he entered his number into her phone. She took the phone back and stared at the screen. “I’m just…confused” he said slowly. “Yeah, I am too” she replied back. They both stayed silent for another moment as they stood at the bottom of the stairs. They heard a commotion in the kitchen. “I guess somebody is chugging a beer…do you want to come and watch?” she said as she turned back towards the party. “Yeah…I guess”, he said as she started walking away. He pulled out his phone and saw a message from his roommate.

So did you talk to her?

He replied,

I think so? It was weird. She said no but I gave her my number.

She pulled out her phone and texted her roommate,

He started talking to me and I freaked out and said no.

Her roommate replied,

WTF why did you say no?

She replied back,

I guess I was nervous, excited, I didn’t know what to say, I fucked up. I asked for his number though.

Her roommate replied back,

I need to give you more tips on guys. Talk to you later, boyfriend.

She put her phone away as he walked up next to her. The person in the middle of the kitchen was throwing up on the floor.

“Hey” he said.

“Hi…” she said.