HackMIT 2014: The Beginnings

So I am currently at HackMIT.

Getting a good idea was hard. We just couldn’t come up with anything good that we could complete in 48 hours, I mean 24, I mean 15? The deadline to submit our project is sometime tomorrow morning and we kind of just started working on our project now (4:00 pm). We entered the hacking arena around 2:00 but we had issues with wifi and ethernet. Seriously everything was just not working. After they figured out the wifi issue we still had to fix our own ethernet connection. One of the switches was unplugged so our entire row was not getting ethernet. My friend’s row also has ethernet issues currently right now. It really makes me miss the simplicity and smaller HackBeanpot.

I am currently trying to set up my Android dev environment so I can Android dev…on the emulator. Not looking forward to that. Would be nice if I could get an actual device to dev on but we all wish for things. I also forgot my USB hub so I can’t use the mouse or keyboard I brought. Basically things are stressful right now. I will probably make another post tomorrow or Monday about what we made. Also I will probably complain about how many loud and random announcements there were in the arena. Apparently somebody played acapella really loud over the speakers when I was out of the arena for a moment…

I just want to code.