Gathering Kindling

“Hey man where are you going” his roommate said as he leaned on his girlfriend. “I’m going to the party” he said as he put his jacket on. “Are you sure you don’t want to come?” He looked at both of them. “Yeah, we’re going to stay here” his roommate said as he smiled at his girlfriend. She smiled back. “…so come back late or…” he said slightly annoyed. “No, just come back whenever. It will be fine.” his roommate said. “Yeah…OK” he said as he put a poptart into his jacket pocket. “Are you going to actually try talking to her this time?” his roommate said with a chuckle. “Yeah…maybe…I don’t know” he said as he started walking away. “Hey look at me, it’s easy!” his roommate yelled down the hallway. His girlfriend started pulling him into their room. “Yeah, sure…” he said as he opened the door.

Shit…I forgot my phone.

He unlocked the door and walked to his room. As he stood in the doorway he looked around for his phone. His roommate walked past in nothing but boxers. “I thought you left” his roommate said. “Yeah…I forgot my phone” he said as he looked at his bed. His roommate handed him his phone. “It was in my room”. ” Thanks” he said as he took his phone from his roommate. “By the way I saw something you might like in your notifications” his roommate said as he walked back into his room. “Thanks…” he said as his voice trailed off. He hesitated for a moment unsure if he wanted to turn his phone screen on. As he started walking out of the room he put his phone in his pocket. He left his apartment and walked onto the sidewalk. He rubbed his hands together, cupped them, and then blew into them as he looked across the street. He saw two people holding hands. He took his phone out of his pocket and turned his phone screen on.

No notifications.

He unlocked his phone and he saw his wallpaper was set to a picture of a penis.

Damn it.