Everything At Once

I got my Pebble last week. Pebble still does not officially support Windows Phone but there are two apps that do offer some functionality. One lets you download firmware and another lets you receive Twitter notifications, battery notifications, calendar notifications, and let you change what music is currently playing on your phone. However the app needs to be running in the foreground and your lockscreen must be disabled for it to work and you don’t get phone calls or text messages like the other platforms get. Hopefully the changes coming in Windows Phone 8.1 will allow for better support.

I also tried playing around with libpebble, a Python library that has full support for the Pebble. I couldn’t get the library working on my Arch Linux install so I have been trying all week to create a Ubuntu USB install to work on it but that hasn’t worked at all yet so playing the the library has been delayed. My plan is to port the library into C# so I can connect my Surface on Windows to my Pebble. There is a C# library already that has some support for Pebble but it is limited to changing the currently playing music and controlling Powerpoint presentations. I’m pretty sure making the library will be plenty hard and I wont get pretty far but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Besides that Systems still terrifies me and we have a midterm this Thursday. Spring Break is next week even though it’s the first week of March. We still have a month and a half of school left after that. Also I (and partially my roommates) have challenged myself to try to talk to people more. Talking to people is something I usually don’t do unless I need to tell/ask them something so it will be slightly fun moving a little out of my comfort zone. Actually pretty far out of my comfort zone but it’s OK, I can probably cope. So if I say “Hello Friends!” to you randomly please do not be alarmed. I am just saying hi.

Also massive respiratory infection is almost upon me. Hopefully my body can fight of the horde of whatever I’m half sick with. Go white blood cells go.

Anamanaguchi Edit: I saw Anamanaguchi play at The Middle East this Thursday. It was amazing. Literally was so happy I went, It was great. I cannot explain how amazing it was. I don’t understand how everybody doesn’t love Anamanaguchi. Please go listen to their stuff now. Please go listen to their latest album Endless Fantasy. Please think of the children. My favorite songs from them:

All of their songs, Airbrushed (and the RAC remix), Endless Fantasy, Helix Nebula, Aurora, Densmore, Planet, Bosozoku GF, U n ME, (T-T)b, Triangle, Meow, Blackout City