Every Day the Same Dream

Well I almost forgot to write a blog post today. Good thing I remembered amirite?

Last week was my Spring break. It isn’t actually spring yet so I guess it should be called A Week of From School break. I stayed on campus all week. Woke up at 7:30 for work every morning for 4 hours then came home and watched a movie with my roommate. The last couple movies we watched were Gravity and American Hustle. Gravity shouldn’t really be called a movie because I feel like it is more like a piece of art. The story was OK but the sound and visuals were amazing. I feel like I would have liked the movie much more if I saw it in a theater.

American Hustle on the other hand is a great movie. The first time I watched it I thought it dragged on and was too long but once I saw the ending I was immediately drawn back in. I watched the movie again a couple days later and enjoyed it much more than the first time I watched it. The movie is way more intricate than it seems and every element of the movie is actually important so that the ending works.

Besides that Twixel isn’t done. I really want to make the UI look better but I’m basically just guessing on UI design. Twixel will be out at some point, I promise. Also today it was really nice out, almost 60. Tomorrow it’s going to rain which I’m pretty happy about. Thursday it’s going to snow which I’m also pretty happy about. Systems is now called Networks because we are studying Networks now. The title is a reference to the game Every Day the Same Dream. If you haven’t played it go play it, it’s pretty interesting. Anyway, enjoy your week, it’s a great time to be alive.

Here is a picture of the Esplanade from this weekend when I want longboarding in the Esplande.