Computers Are Way Better Than People

Last week was a whole assortment of…crazy. Most of last week was spent thinking about apartments for next year which then turned into nothing. My Systems project was a lot of thinking about C which then turned into a pretty good project. When I say good I mean it passed all the tests but the code is absolutely terrible so I’m impressed we got it to work. Honestly I don’t understand why people say C is a high level language. After programming a little in assembly (MIPS), some in Java, and a lot in C#, I feel like C is basically just assembly with real words and basic programming things like booleans, ints, for loops, if statements, etc. You still have to deal with memory and you can fuck up really badly if you aren’t careful. In a higher level OOP language do whatever because it will probably work.

Besides Systems it was randomly warm this weekend. I went longboarding and it was great. Too bad there was a fire at an apartment on Mass Ave. A lot of roads were blocked off and there was a shit ton of people standing and watching it and taking pictures. I was surprised how many people were just watching. I wondered what those people were thinking.

Shit my house is on fire.


Neat, a fire.


I am honestly concerned for everybody involved.


It’s 3 pm on a Saturday in the middle of Boston and I have nothing better to do than stand and watch a fire.

My roommate then said as we were walking by the scene

Boston has nothing better to do on a Saturday than watch a building burn down.

My general consensus on people is that they suck. Here is a picture of the Esplanade.

The Esplanade