Blogging Like It's 2014

I've lived in Seattle for 6 months now, my co-op is almost over, and I, as always, still have only some idea of what I'm doing. The weather here is also definitely better than Boston weather.

Guess which one is Seattle

I kind of just felt like writing a random post. Looking back on my first posts it's almost like my past life was more exciting than my present life, I was sharing more things. Or maybe that means now I feel like I should share less. I never share too much about work on here because I feel like where I work never fully reflects me. The only time I will share more about work is if I start my own company, which won't happen for at least another 10 years.

This post is also a distraction from the other things I could be doing right now, like working on the random project I started yesterday which I shouldn't have started because I should be working on the other project (Signal for Windows) that I've been working on, during a few weekends here and there, for a year now. Or I could finish cleaning my apartment, or I could go work out, but I'm kind of sick so I don't really feel like it.

Politics is also overwhelming, unless you don't care about net neutrality, because net neutrality is getting defenestrated, because people are OK with letting pedophiles (ephebophiles if you want to be technically correct) into government, and because Donald Trump is still president. It's hard to rationalize with Trump supporters, so much so that I've forced myself to stop reading r/AskTrumpSupporters because the responses there, or lack there of, are pretty predictable now. Let's try it. Political things that happened in the last 2 days:

  1. The protected government area called Bears Ears, setup by Obama in late 2016, has been proposed to be reduced by 85%
  2. Some Republicans, meaning the RNC, are OK with Roy Moore again. Trump now fully supports him.
  3. More Russia

Predictions for r/AskTrumpSuppoters comments

  • Who cares
  • Obama shouldn't have setup Bears Ears in the first place
  • Trump is well within his right to do this
  • Cutting government anything is best
  • Who cares
  • The women coming forward are lying/the allegations have no basis
  • The "liberal media" is doing all it can to smear him
  • Who cares
  • This really isn't anything
  • This doesn't have anything to do with Trump

And let's see what r/AskTrumpSupporters has to say.

Do you support the selling of previously public lands to private companies for profit?

I think that goes under "who cares"

Donald Trump Endorses Roy Moore - What are your thoughts on this?

Also "who cares". The second one basically says, "Who cares if he molested teenage girls, he shouldn't be in office because of some other reason"

There aren't any threads regarding the latest Manafort news. šŸ¤·šŸ¾ā€ā™‚ļø

I didn't check the subreddit before I picked the topics or made the predictions and I got distracted for like 45 minutes reading other threads.

In non-political news I just finished watching Mindhunter, would recommend. I've also started to completely switch off Chrome, I've been using Edge at home but I just switched to using Firefox at work. If you haven't tried the new Firefox, Firefox Quantum, try it out for a bit, my favorite feature is multi-account containers. Also someone asked for a sticker so if you want one let me know, I have a bunch.

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My posts could just be tweets. And don't worry, the end of the year post will happen, at the end of the year.