He lied down and breathed in deeply. Waves of sleep began to flow over him, slowly enveloping him. His eyes closed, darkness swirled around him. He began to hear rumblings, like a large storm approaching in the distance. The sound of rain started to fill his head. He felt wind pushing against his back. He was a thick wooded area, leaves were rustling around him but it sounded like a low yell. The world above him was an angry, shifting auburn enveloped by an ever-darkening grey. He looked back down at his feet as the ground beneath him dampened. He began to walk, looking for shelter. He folded his arms tightly in front of himself as he slightly leaned forward. The fallen leaves on the ground scrunched as he walked. The rain pressed on as did he. Then he tripped. As he stumbled forward he outstretched his arms and braced his body. The low yell of the leaves began to grow louder as the storm worsened. He rolled over and looked up at the sky. The storm kept on indifferent to the person below it. He made his way over to a large tree. He sat down and leaned against it, curling his legs against his body, wrapping his arms around his legs. The storm continued to rage around him as he looked up again, wind continued to gust, rain continued to pour. He closed his eyes. Then he woke up. It was quiet. He sat up. It was dark. He didn't know what to do, so he began to cry.