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I missed a post last month. I feel like it's because my life is a very regular rotation of work and sleep. That's not entirely true though, back in Feburary I mentored at HackBeanpot, in April I went to Coachella, I've gotten into a 10 player arcade game called Killer Queen, I work on Signal from time to time, the next major feature we're going to add will probably be video chat support. But at the same time work feels kind of draining. I know that being in love with what you do at work is possible but I don't think I've found it yet. I definitely don't have the same passion for what I do now versus, for example, hackathon projects or the small games I've made in the past. I've been at my current position for 51 weeks now and I've been in Seattle for 52 weeks now. I still really enjoy the city, really enjoy the scenery, and really enjoy the greenery but thinking back now I wonder how different life would have been if I stayed in Boston.

I'm also officially one year older now. Hoooorayyyy.