So this is going to be the shortest, worst, blog post yet. I am currently working on a Networks project and I felt bad that I haven’t done a blog post yet. I really don’t want to go back on my one blog post a week promise so I wont. Technically this is a blog post. However it is a shitty one.

I wanted this post to be on acceptance I guess. The ability to accept things even if you don’t agree with them or it goes against your train of thought. If I like Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream and you like plain vanilla I will accept your decision and keep it to myself that you are a boring person who should like my ice cream. Also it was going to be about self acceptance. Being able to accept who you are as a person I feel is pretty important. You should also strive to be better, don’t just accept who you are now if you feel like you can get to a better spot. So you should accept the fact that you have scoliosis but you should also realize that surgery to fix it is probably a good option as well :S

Anyway. Enjoy your week. Only got a couple weeks of school left before I go back home to boredom. And probably lots of coding.